Tanabe(Thailand) is
Tanabe (Thailand)CO.,LTD was established as the surface treatment service compnay for automobile parts, computer parts, and electronics parts at the 304 Industrial Park (Prachinburi) in 1996, and has grown largely with the development of Thailand's economy. Since the establishment, we have provided excellent products and services and achieved high evaluations from domestic.
We have established the processing and assembly factory for labor saving and automatic machines and started production in the spring of 2013 with the expectation that the requirement for labor saving and automation will increase because of the rise of customers based on the technique and know-how that we have developed in Japan.
Surface treatment division
Electroless nickel plating
Zinc plating
Electrodepositon coating
Hard chromium plating
Quality control
Machine manufacturing division
Manufacturing equipment
Aluminium die-casting related
Main equipment of the factory
Engineering flow
Quality control